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Florida Scrubjay

Object: Florida Scrub Jay Stepping Stone           Commission

Materials: Vitreous Glass Tesserae with Medium Grey Grout on Concrete

Dimensions: 17.5" Diameter

Method: Direct onto fiberglass mesh and then direct onto a pre-cast stepping stone

This stone had 2 objectives for me.

First of all I wanted to make a stone for the Florida Scrub Jay Trail in Clermont, Florida. The owner's of BB Brown's Gardens, Bruce B. & Cathy Brown, have a portion of their land set aside to replant with native flora in order to provide a habitat for the Florida Scrub Jay, a beautiful bird only found in Florida. They have created a trail through these new plantings to introduce people to not only the plants but the lovely birds as well (if they choose to grace you with an appearance). Bruce and Cathy along with a group of dedicated volunteers continue to add and tend to the trail, which is a young and ongoing project. The stone is now set in the ground to indicate the head of the trail.

My second objective was to test using fiberglass mesh in the installation process. I applied the tiles directly to the mesh with thinset. This finished stage then allows you to easily install the tiles at any location. This also means that the piece can be shipped to other locations if somebody wants to do the final installation themselves. The adhesion of the tiles to the mesh was surprisingly strong and I was very pleased with the entire process.