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Object: NASCAR theme            Commission

Materials: Glass Tessarae with Medium Grey Grout on Framed Maple Plywood

Dimensions: two 14 x 2 foot panels

Method: Direct and Indirect (using clear tile tape)

Design Notes:  As part of cost saving, the most popular design created for the Lecanto High School Project was repurposed for Crystal River. The only change was an increase of the length of each panel to 14 feet. This design is not connected to a food group. It is meant to be a flexible station where mostly pre-made items are sold. To see what thought went into the design back in 2011, take a look at NASCAR in the Lecanto Project.

Commission Notes:  This commission entailed the design and execution of five themes to identify the various food stations at the Crystal River High School cafeteria in Florida. It was an impressive remodeling project with longevity in mind. While much planning went into "function", "form" was by no means forgotten. Providing an inviting place to eat was certainly a big part of the mix.

Instead of permanent traditional signage, there are themed decorative mosaic panels running the length of the counters. The look of each of the stations informs you of the type of food being served, leaving the exact menus flexible.

I congratulate the vision of the Citrus County School Board. All of the students and faculty of Crystal River High School will be able to benefit from this investment in their school for years to come. I was proud to be a part of this project.

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