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Object: Alfresco Table           Sold

Materials: Vitreous Glass Tile on Cement Board with Black Grout

Method: Direct

I found this table frame in a store that sells all sorts of odd rusty metal bits and scraps ... most at "antique" prices. I liked its simple shape and stark quality. Besides, it was also the perfect size and style for a table on our porch where we have our coffee & read the paper.

There was no table top. The frame has several cross beams to hold up the top, thus I chose 1/4" cement board (HardiBacker in this case). The thin size was suitably stiff for this purpose and you can make a clean cut with a circular saw. Since its final location is mostly protected from the elements, it being completely water proof was not necessary. Sealing the grout as well as the back was enough to keep it looking its best.