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Object: Front Landing

Materials: Vitreous Glass with Med Grey Grout on a Concrete Slab

Method: Direct on Mesh

I took this on to explore the challenges of:
1. a larger project ...
2. that is constructed in pieces offsite ...
3. and then reassembled during the installation.

A few unrelated smaller pieces were done first to get comfortable with using mesh before embarking on the landing.

The landing is the 11' x 5' slab in front of the porch. I worked on this in between other projects.
Needing the storage for these other projects, I decided to install the border. Reassembling the puzzle was painstaking but went without any unforseen problems.

The dolphins were assembled and finally placed inside the existing border. I hope the detail shots give you a nice glimpse of the how I got from my initial inspiration below, an old tourist rug, to the final floor.

"Kalimera" is the name of our house and is a greek salutation. Used most of the day as a "hello"; litterally translated "good morning". The year 2001 is in the background, commemorating the start of the construction of the home.