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Object: Backsplash Master Bath

Materials: Vitreous Glass with Grey Grout

Method: Direct

The sink was installed when the house was built with thick washers against the wall. This was to allow me to place tiles between the sink and the wall at a later date. This is obviously not the ideal situation, but I wanted to avoid having to remove the sink and plumbing when doing the backsplash.

First the blue wave pattern was roughly drawn on the wall. I wanted a general idea of where I was going but deliberately wanted to let the process dictate its evolution vs planning it completely ahead of time. The blue and turquoise quarter tiles were hand placed directly on the wall. After the waves were done, the background could get started.

The background tiles are a custom mix of whites, grey and light blue. The full sized tiles were placed in a grid and then adhesive plastic was applied in order to create manageable 12" by 12" sections. Several of these squares were applies as well as portions cut to size.

Take a look at the detail shots for close ups and the entire process.