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Object: Hier!           Gifted

Materials: Stone on Cement Board with Glass Swizzle Stick

Dimensions: 4.75" x 9.25"

Method: Direct with mortar

A gift for my cousin Hans.

The idea for this mosaic sprang from the detailed information Hans provided when a trip to Nederland was in the works. One item he provided; a postcard with an arial view of the Den Haag; a pinprick indicating the location of the Mauritshuis.This was his way of clearing up my muddling of some facts as to where a beloved painting resided.

Depicted is the Mauritshuis with its own pinprick of glass (see close ups). The large quantity of sky is a nod to the many paintings in which the Dutch sky features so prominently. "Hier" is Dutch for "here".

So, a thank you to Hans for providing much crucial information and assistance for the trip. But more specifically, a stone interpretation of his memorable postcard which continues to make me smile.

It's always the simple things.















close ups