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Snowshoe Hare

Object:  Snowshoe Hare           Commission

Materials: Travertine on Cement Board

Dimensions:  53" x 16"

Method: Direct with mortar

Working on this piece was a joy on many fronts: a new client who sees the subtleties in my work, one of my favorite animal subjects, and recycling.

My client liked my previous work "konijntje" and wanted something similar in feel. Since the work was to hang in their beautiful patio in California, I wanted the rabbit to be one they might see in their locale. My submitted designs included the Snowshoe Hare, a scrappy looking animal with the most amazing large hind feet. To take advantage of a large wall, a wide format was used. It is a rare treat when you are able to incorporate so much negative space. With mosaics, that area can be just as interesting as the subject and gives your eye room to take a casual stroll.

Without realizing it, bunnies not only live all around me, but have infiltrated my psyche and are decorating my walls. A small sculpture of one even greets visitors at my door. Thus this opportunity to represent another one with stone was great fun.

A couple years ago, a neighbor gave me a few buckets of paver bits left over from the installation of his travertine pool surround. Besides being a treasure trove of raw material, it makes me very happy to keep things out of the landfill.   Reduce, reuse, recycle!   This was the perfect project to put this resource to good use.

I have an excessive amount of progress shots this time if you are interested. Surely too much for some, but perfect for those who enjoy the behind the scene process of making my mosaics. Partake as much as you wish with the detail shots provided above.


A bunny at our front door.




sandra groeneveld
close ups

sandra groeneveld