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Words Have Meaning, Lies Have Consequences: A Portrait

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Object:  Words Have Meaning, Lies Have Consequences: A Portrait

Selected for the "Mosaic Arts International Exhibition 2019"
SAMA's Annual International Juried Exhibition
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On display in 2019:  January 26 - May 19:
The Parthenon Museum, Nashville

Materials: Marble, Italian Smalti and Fool's Gold on Cement Board

Dimensions:  12.5" x 21.25"

Method: Direct with mortar

As the hollow man spreads darkness fueled by ignorance and fear,
we are all corrupted.

I have visited Washington DC many times, enjoying the museums, monuments and many wonderful public spaces. Besides admiring the monuments for their artistry; their powerful symbolism and history are also awe inspiring. They remind and inform us of the many struggles, triumphs and failures of this fragile American experiment.

At the Portrait Gallery, I wondered how the next person in charge would be represented. Portraits are not mere faces, the artist gives significance and tells a story with the expression, color, surroundings. How would I distill this debauched king of chaos in the Fall of 2018?

A garish frame made of fool's gold, befittingly small. A darkness at its center. A stain, ever creeping, ever corroding all it touches. Adding more red, for lives destroyed. I keep reading the news, my most beloved natural world with all its noble creatures merely seen as things to exploit or discard. Un-ending lies and the destruction of what was once normal. I miss the Truth.

It is the result, the lasting damage that haunts me, inflicted on all by a venality so foul.

sandra groeneveld
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sandra groeneveld