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Object: Sheldon

Materials: Stone on Cement Board

Dimensions: 15.25" x 20"

Method: Direct with mortar

A new addition to our household, a feral kitten inspired this piece. Touching, let alone hugging him was initially not an option, hence his name. Yes, a nod to the Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is now a brave boy, gnawing happily on our toes and otherwise livening up the home front.

All the time spent trying to earn his trust had me marveling at the delicate striping of his fur and the slight apprehension always present in his eyes. A drawing of him focused on these elements and the rest was translating that into stone. The golden travertine gives me the tan base to darken or lighten with other stones of various values. This to me is more drawing than anything else.

Something new for me is the use of aluminum for the whiskers. I am usually pretty much a purist in keeping the materials homogeneous but this seemed like an acceptable place to break my rule. It also works well since the material is repeated in the aluminum frame, also a first for my work.


On Display at these two exhibitions:
"A Fractured Perspective"   at CityArts Factory - Gallery 29, Orlando FL
July 21 - August 12, 2016

"Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit 2016 Exhibition"   at Thorndike Gallery, Ashland OR
September 17 - October 16, 2016














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